The Actor's Mom

The craziest job ever.

I’m not alone…

There must be other moms (and dads) like me out there. One day, the boy said it out loud: “I want to be an actor.” And you were irresponsible enough to say: “hmmm, that could work. Why don’t we try it?”

And you had no idea what was in store, but you kept going throuh it all – and you are still at it, until who knows when. Until the kid doesn’t want to do it anymore. Until he finds another purpose.

Among all the things you go through, the thickest is for sure people’s judgement. It won’t stop you from doing whatever you do. (It never stopped me in my own personal path – it rather gives me motivation to keep at it – , and it won’t stop me while I support my son on his path.) But it’s there, and funny enough, it’s thicker, more solid when coming from adult actors, of all living beings.

And then there are the thousand open hands waiting to grab your money from your pocket if you let them. The acting world is scam galore. Real artists.

I’m a mom, and my son is a child actor. Welcome to my world.


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