The Actor's Mom

The craziest job ever.

Organize, organize

Happy Monday. That’s one of my favorite oxymorons.

Since I started this second full-time job of “actor’s mom”, I realized I needed more organization and less procrastination. WHAAAAAAAA BUT I TRUST MY AWESOME MEMORY FOR EVERYTHING! And that’s a bad thing. My memory can let me down, and it has done it a few times before.

I’m usually good with appointments and deadlines (I’m good with dates and numbers). I can remember what clothes the kid was wearing during an audition (even if I didn’t remember to take note, in case there’s a callback). I’m not so good with to-do items (especially if involving talking on the phone – I hate phones and I don’t like talking). I’m terrible with people’s names. So how can that be helpful for my actor son? It isn’t.

So I got a little notebook (the paper kind) and keep it in my purse. I love buying writing/drawing stuff. But I haven’t used it as much as I should. And that Show Bible app I started to write in the computer… ha. It would be nice to remember the name of that young director we just met, not just remember how nervous she was that she almost crushed my hand twice.

There’s much to be done, in many areas. So, in an effort to improve my actor’s-mom-process, on this lovely Monday, I’ll list the items that should be in an “actor’s kit” to be kept (and that means “maintained”) in each car (ha! I sound so rich!):

  • clean short sleeved t-shirt
  • clean button-down shirt
  • hair brush
  • tooth brush and toothpaste
  • chapstick
  • stapler
  • resumes and headshots
  • copy of work permit and union card
  • copy of Casting Frontier’s barcode
  • dry snacks
  • old Kindle (with cord)

Wow, I haven’t kept a suitcase like that in the car since I was pregnant! 🙂


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