The Actor's Mom

The craziest job ever.

If that’s what he wants

We’ve worked in projects that were not worth our time (not many), and I really try to assess what it’s going to be so that we avoid another one of those. But in the end, I am aware it should be whatever our actor wants: if he has fun doing it, then it is worth it (my problem is that sometimes the kid himself realizes a project was not as fun as he expected).

So pretty soon we learned to be picky, but I’m always surprised with the boy’s decisions. Yes, this one seems like a very cool project: escaping from Earth while aliens attack, facing unfairness because there’s limited space available in the run-away vessel, lots of action and visual effects (and great technical people to work on those), and then the ultimate sacrifice of a hero dad. The kid came out of the first callback very excited and confident. Then there was a “chemistry read” with the actor auditioning for the role of dad, and I didn’t sense much confidence after that one (even before they walked in, I could feel there was no “chemistry” – the dad felt to me like a black cloud of frustration for some reason). So a couple of days later, the casting director told me they cast another boy for the main role but they loved the kid and wanted him to do a secondary role. With no lines. I didn’t think the boy would want to do it and almost answered right away, good thing I waited until he came home from school.

Oh, well. I guess he just likes being on the set. It’s initially scheduled for a one-day shoot on a Sunday, I really hope he doesn’t have to miss school for this. I’m such an irresponsible parent – but hey, you’re only a kid once. Life is short.


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