The Actor's Mom

The craziest job ever.

Parenting, anyone?

Parenting is hard no matter what. But after a while, some people take it for granted. When you first get that little baby in your arms, there might be that lingering thought of “do I know how to be a parent?” How to change a diaper, how to know why the baby is crying. Hah, if that was all you needed to know, life would be so much easier. By the time you get your second child, you go “pffffff, I know all that.” Riiiight.

Skip to parenting a child in the entertainment industry. Do you still question yourself about your parenting skills? Because you should. Because there’s no black and white regarding the subject. It’s very easy to spot the wrong parenting behaviors, but it’s difficult to find inspiring parenting models.

We just had the chance to meet very inspiring parents, Joanne Savage and Mahalia McKellar, mothers of Fred Savage and Danica McKellar (and Crystal McKellar) of The Wonder Years. They told us about their constant emphasis on family balance and on formal education, as their children were working in the “adult world”. And how they kept grounded on reality when the celebrity status hit.

As parents, we’re bombarded everyday from all sides: we’re pushed and pulled, lured and criticized. It’s not as easy as it may seem, but a parent needs to look through those things and understand their role in a child’s life. In the grand scheme of a child’s formation and happiness. It doesn’t matter if the child plays soccer, bakes cookies or acts in films.


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