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Mrs. Mom and the new headshots

Kid just got new headshots. After all, it’s been 10 months and he looks older now. And how awesome it is to look at new ones! I’m a mom, no doubt about it. The baby pics make me smile (and he’ll always be a baby to me).

Besides sharing with grandma and grandpa and auntie and all, I find taking new headshots really invigorating. We need to update his website, and his profiles on Actors Access, LA Casting, IMDb. Will the new headshots work? Will they give CDs a proper idea of his presence and personality, will he get noticed? What auditions may come his way? Everything is shiny and new again. I absolutely love new beginnings, white paper, the possibilities, the unknown, the adventure… okay, those are just new headshots. *sigh*

The kid is a bit blasé about it (as with everything else, especially when mom is involved), but he does have his input on what to pick. I actually think he’s more excited about the new jacket I got him than about the headshots. Meanwhile… I’m indulging on being Mrs. Mom! 🙂


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