The Actor's Mom

The craziest job ever.

Witches and Fairies

I believe in the kid’s talent. He’s good. Plus, he’s gorgeous. Yeah, I’m a mom, but yes, he is. I also truly believe that acting is a good profession for him. He’s too smart, too imaginative, too dramatic to work in an office day in, day out.

And every now and then something he does or says (or someone else does or says) brings butterflies to my stomach. Just briefly, then it goes away. Could he one day make it big? Then I just brush it off and go on with the tasks at hand.

Reading Patti Smith’s Just Kids made me think of all the little premonitions and coincidences throughout my life and also when dealing with the kid’s work. Nothing is random, that’s for sure. And sometimes the feeling is too strong to deny it, or even doubt it.

I don’t believe in Destiny. If it did exist, life would be too easy. I believe some things are “likely” to happen, but I also believe in FREE WILL. We change things, all the time. We are free to do it. For better or worse.

Life is wonderful. Life is bigger. Make your best out of it.


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