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Watch out for the studio teacher

So we wrapped this one. Four full days of shooting, Mom here was exhausted. Because I have to do both the mom job and my regular job (I have the flexibility to work from home during those odd hours of the night when no one else needs my driving or mommying skills). Which again makes me wonder why… anyway. Yes, I’m busy, and as I told someone on the set, I wouldn’t want it any other way. Better busy than bored, that’s my BBB motto.

I’m resolved to relax while on the set and have a good time (otherwise, wtf am I doing this). First two days were great, weekend days with the first studio teacher. Third day: enters Mrs. Mighty Mama Studio Teacher.

Not to have it misunderstood here: I loved her like one loves an old aunt. I looked after her needs when possible (and when no one else did). I was thankful for her attention and mental stimulation provided to my son (who genuinely enjoyed their conversations about astrophysics and world history).  But this was no ordinary teacher. She was determined to shut down the place if the kid worked one minute beyond what’s dictated by law. And she actually walked up and took the kid from under the AD’s hands. And threatened reporting production to the authorities.

I had two long days to meditate upon the role of the studio teacher, how it is commonly played and how people deal with it, and what I would like it to be. For one thing, that was very, very nice to have someone else in charge of being a bitch in order to protect my son’s best interest. But it shouldn’t have to bring stress to everybody’s experience. Seriously, this teacher was monitoring every minute of the child’s activity, and had zero tolerance with time stretches.

I can say it was an interesting experience… once it was thankfully over. Phew.


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