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How deep is your love

I like reading true-to-heart blogs that give me an insight into someone else’s life. Those are blogs that led me to start this one. There is one particular blog by an anonymous actress that I find really interesting, which made me want to read a blog that would share the things I go through, and since I could not find such blog, I created it myself. It helps me looking at it from outside (even if I wrote it), helps me having another perspective, new other perspectives. It helps me seeing the forest instead of the trees.

And I am looking at someone else’s forest. A working actress. Very interesting trees, but I’m now looking at the forest. Is that what I’d encourage my son to be? Suddenly this whole hustling for work seems very shallow. I remember my actor friends when I was young, and this is a far cry from what they lived through (and still do). They don’t live in LA. They don’t do TV or film. They’re broke, but I can genuinely say they’re artists. A few successful ones do comedy and have a loyal fan base, working on stage. They do hustle but it seems so different than this one LA working actress. Suddenly I look at this fragmented, “dance, monkey, dance” lifestyle and it looks… shallow.

Yet, the boy loves being on set. I can see the drive in him, I can see he’ll do whatever it takes to be there. Dang, I can never think of anything else that can get him working that hard (and without complaint). And he is definitely better on camera than on stage. I’m always amazed at his efforts, I can’t help but encourage.

But what are the highest ideals he can hold on this path? I’m  not talking about material returns, but what kind of inner realization can he expect? I would think that an actor wants to impress souls, bring inspiration, feelings, motivation, change thoughts, change ideas, change lives.

Oh well, we’ll keep going for now. As Scarlett once said: I’ll think about that tomorrow.


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