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Mercury Retrograde – I’m better now

Phew! So that’s what it was! I’m glad there’s a perfectly logical explanation.

You know, I’m reading that working actress blog from the first posts and going forward, and just at the point when I’m thinking “what a senseless hustle that is” – Boom! She hits and she scores! That’s when she had a pilot picked up and her life changes. Wow, that’s what all these actors are working hard for (my son included, whether he has this clear in his head or not). It sounds incredible. I can see that.

And it coincides with having a “minor crisis” at my own work and career, and today (just this morning) finally realizing it’s not that bad – maybe just a bit readjusting will make me feel “on purpose” again.

In both cases, evaluating the perspective of an acting career for my son and evaluating my current job and my own career: yes, there are adjustments that can be made, and it’s not a matter of just freaking out and abandoning the ship.

And whatever is happening to Mercury is mere coincidence.




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