The Actor's Mom

The craziest job ever.

Hold On Loosely

It is so very important for a child actor to have supporting parents that do not fret about their successes! No extra pressure needed! And I do believe that the kid’s attitude towards the uncertainty of the acting profession is very much related to the parents’ attitude. They do copy mom and dad, a lot, even when they pretend that they don’t. And you know how this acting/auditioning thing goes:

It is the funniest thing. Stuff happens when you’re not looking for it, when your mind is somewhere else – and it draws you in when you were going other direction, it gets you interested when you didn’t care… only to leave you looking for more (and then it’s back to uneventful). It’s a petty girlfriend. It’s a manipulative mother-in-law. (Yes, I’m sad to say I’ve seen more of this behavior among women, though some men are experts in it as well.)

So you need to play cool – or she’ll drive you crazy.

It requires a certain skill. You welcome its surprises, you enjoy its presence, you let it go. Don’t give up on her, but do let go. Neediness stinks hard. Hold on loosely and enjoy yourself at all times. (I’m a big fan of enjoying every moment of your life and live in the present – not dwelling in the past, not anxious about the future.)


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