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Short Memory

The good thing about disposable Hollywood is its short memory.
I’ve pulled the kid from an agent some time ago. I did it as politely and business-like as I could. In response, the agent got mad and said we would never get anything better out there.

Of course we did.

Roll to present time. Kid is looking into changing part of his representation again. It’s been two or three days since we removed one agent from the kid’s online profile, and who finds us? Yes, the old agent happens to be looking for new clients. That agent has to have forgotten us, right? and I attribute this to a failure in appropriate data tools (computers come in handy nowadays). Otherwise, how can this agent approach us so happily and excitedly to offer us representation?

Curiouser and curiouser.


Tough Cookies

Dear reader, so it is: this town is cold and careless. Rejection is served every day.
But do not fear, it is all an illusion. What matters is the creative fire inside: THAT is what you got.
And be nice to others, and be caring, even as others aren’t, and do not let greed get to you… Even when you are the one that needs to say “no”, try to carry no baggage with you because the journey is long!

Am I being too esoteric? I just want to say to you – and to me – that rejection will happen to you, and then sometimes you’re the one rejecting, but you need to keep your heart light. Whatever it is, it is not that important. There’s a chain of bitterness that accompanies rejection, and it’s up to you not to perpetuate the bitterness. For your own sake, if nothing else.
And if you’re a parent, that’s even more crucial: because your attitude will steer your child’s own attitude.

Stay light and sweet, dear reader.

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